Internal Affairs – Chapter 11

Internal Affairs copy“I think I know how we can get rid of the cancer in your lung,” Jars said.

Audrey had graciously extended the comfort of her office to Nikki and Jars and had headed home, leaving the couple to talk through the ramifications of what they had just learned. That the two were a couple of some sort seemed undeniable to the doctor. You didn’t just show up for a sobering conversation with your pulmonologist with a man beside you that, a week earlier, you hadn’t even met for the sake of emotional support from a casual acquaintance. It didn’t work like that. Especially when the man involved was Jarius Mason, the darling head of Synapzius, a company wooed by Wall Street. And besides, Nikki was a strong woman who’d faced tough news before. Sure must have been some vacation! Audrey thought to herself and made a mental note to check out Cooperstown. Maybe there was something in their water.

“You think you can cure me of cancer?” Nikki didn’t know if she’d heard Jars right. “Jars, you’re a technology geek not a doctor,” she reminded him.

“That’s why I can look at this from a totally different angle.”

“What do you mean?” She was more than curious. Jars was no doctor but that hadn’t stopped him form rising to prominence in the medical field. Synapzius’ advances in biotechnology were legendary.

Jars was on his feet now, walking slowly around the perimeter of the office, his head slightly bowed, the fingertips of his hands touching, his palms cupping his mouth almost as if he were praying. “It just might work,” he mumbled before stopping directly in front of her. “Do you remember me telling you in the chopper about my pacemaker experiment?”

For the past two hours Nikki had pushed all thought of their conversation during the ride to Charlottesville aside. She’d needed to focus and her training had taught her the value of compartmentalizing her thoughts and emotions. Now, in a single sentence, Jars had ripped the cover off the place where Nikki had hidden her horror at the news Jars had shared. Tears sprang to her eyes and she found herself rushing into Jars’ arms as the distance between the two gave way to all the day had revealed. She was sick, very sick. And the man she realized she was falling in love with had wired himself up to a biological bomb that could find him dead the next morning. It was too much to bear!

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